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1. Calico Kitten. So, the pattern here is variegated but it only vaguely resembles calico. And these plants don't purr, scratch, mew, or hide…. But this calico kitten, aka C. pellucida subsp. marginalis 'Variegata,' is a cheery, comforting, colorful pet of a plant, so maybe it's similar to a kitten after all.


The name Crassula is the diminutive of the Latin crassus, which means 'thick' or 'fat', referring to the fleshy nature of the genus as a whole.The species name pellucida means 'transparent' or 'translucent' and may refer to the calyx which typically has a membranous margin and may be almost colourless, or to the carpels and receptacle that are soft and transparent when fruiting.

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Plant database entry for Calico Kitten (Crassula pellucida subsp. marginalis 'Variegata') with 19 images and 31 data details. Learning Library. Learning Library Homepage; Plant Care Guides; Food Gardening Guides. Variegated: Flowers: Showy: Flower Color: White: Bloom Size: Under 1" Flower Time: Late spring or early summer Summer: Suitable.

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This crassula features petite heart-shaped succulent leaves variegated in creamy white, yellow and green. Vibrant hot pink to red margins appear with increased sun exposure. Grows in a low, spreading mound. Perfect for filling small spaces and edges of containers or hanging baskets for a dramatic, spilling accent. Displays small, white, star-shaped flowers. Crassula are low maintenance, and.

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How to grow Crassula marginalis from seeds. Sowing requirement: Location with light and better sandy or well ventilated soil and also well ventilate and good drainage soil, keep soil slightly moist, sow in light doesn't have to be sunny, temperature 23-27C (73-80F) Saving seeds and care until sowing: Dry and dark place in room temperature.

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Crassula are succulent, herbaceous plants. Some varieties are suitable for rock gardens in mild regions as long as the soil is well drained. The thick leaves are often covered with hair or 'meal' and the flowers are generally small in size and borne on terminal panicles.

Crassula pellucida ssp. marginalis

Crassula pellucida is a creeping, succulent ground-cover, or low-growing, spreading succulent shrub.. subsp. marginalis (Aiton) Toelken. This unique subspecies has fused, disc-like leaf-pairs, densely packed along its pendent stems (looking similar to C.rupestris or C.perforata). It occurs in the far south-eastern Cape, from George to East.

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Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Crassula pellucida group. Crassula pellucida L. Crassula pellucida subs. brachypetala (E.Mey. ex Harv. & Sond.) Toelken; Crassula pellucida subs. marginalis (Sol. ex Aiton) Toelken; Crassula pellucida subs. marginalis f. variegata hort.

Photo of the entire plant of Calico Kitten (Crassula pellucida subsp. marginalis 'Variegata

When planting this succulent type in a garden, make sure it gets sunlight. Full to partial sun is the best for its growth. It is better to grow outdoor rather than indoor. This type of succulent prefers a warm climate. It can survive at zone 9b-11b which is around -3.9°C (25°F). If you live in a cold area, it is better to plant in an indoor.

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Crassula Pellucida 'Variegata' (Calico Kitten) can be grown both indoors and out. Place in a bright location indoors, anywhere where there is plenty of light. Try an east facing window. A south and west facing window may also work but you may need to move the plant around a few times to find the best spot.

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C. pellucida ssp. marginalis is native to Cape Provinces where the plant grows in shaded moist places under rocks or in forests. C. pellucida is a perennial succulent belonging to the Crassulaceae botanical family. The plant is heavily branched and has a prostrate habit. The leaves are small, fleshy, heart-shaped with pointed apex, arranged.

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crassula 'Variegata'. A low-growing, scrambling succulent perennial to 15cm tall, with fragile stems bearing alternate pairs of small, fleshy leaves. The foliage is grey-green with cream streaks, and suffused with bright pink. Small white flowers may be produced in spring and intermittently through the year.

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Begin watering normally once you see new leaf growth. To propagate a calico kitten succulent from a leaf, pull a few whole leaves off of a stem. Lay the leaves over a well-draining succulent soil and let the cut ends dry. Keep the soil slightly damp. You can mist it every few days to ensure the cuttings don't shrivel up and die.

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Crassula pellucida is a beautiful succulent that spreads into mats of beautiful geometric foliage. The leaves are small, ovate to elliptic, and paired along lax stems. They are green, sometimes with brown stripes, and have colorless or red margins. The flowers are small, up-facing, star-shaped, white, sometimes tinged pink, and appear in spring.

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Basic Info. Crassula Pellucida Subsp. Marginalis 'Variegata' is best known to be a beautiful looking succulent. As the plant matures you can expect it to reach up to 15 cm (6″) tall. The plants main feature are the leaves that are dark green in the middle and light green to yellow on the outer parts while the edges are red to pink.

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Crassula pellucida subsp. marginalis 'Variegata' is an attractive, much-branched succulent with smooth, slender, prostrate or decumbent branches that bear alternate pairs of colorful, heart-shaped leaves. The thick, fleshy leaves are grey-green with creamy-white or yellow streaks along the margins and suffused with bright pink and red with increased sun exposure.