Can you check my ASIO settings and tell me why I have no sound in Ableton when using ASIO4All

ASIO4ALL gets a revamp and proper Intel SST support

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Add a comment. There is also another option (I am using Cubase LE AI 10). Go to Studio -> Studio Setup. Then in the devices list choose the driver you are using (On my computer it is Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver) (1). Next click in the right panel on Control Panel button (2). In the new window UNCHECK option "Allow ASIO host application to.

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When you work with audio, things tend to get tricky. I used to have a frustrating time when the ASIO4ALL driver was active, because no sound would come out o.

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You could see if you can change the audio playback device. Try these steps: - Right-click the volume icon in your system tray at the bottom right of your screen. - Select "Playback Devices". - ASIO4All should appear, as well as your speakers or headphones. - See if you can double-click or click and set your speakers as default.

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So we know that if you run ASIO4ALL while you have some other program running a sound output, ASIO4ALL shows audio output as unavailable, since it is locked for it, until you quit all the apps that are using the sound output, be it a browser, media player or windows sounds. This is all fine, I can switch it off.

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Studio → Studio Setup → Audio System: [01 Cubase Audio System] Studio → Studio Setup → ASIO4ALL: [02 Cubase A4A] Studio → Studio Setup → ASIO4ALL → Control Panel (click the bottom right cogwheel): [03 Cubase A4A CP] Studio → Audio Connections → Outputs (interna…. gradientogames October 14, 2022, 5:41am 12. I've tried.

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In the ASIO4All configuration under "WDM Device List" deselect everything except what you want Reaper using, in my case the USB speakers. Then through your computer audio options just select any output that Reaper isn't using. I've had no issues doing it this way. I'd definitely vote for getting an interface.

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Posts: Debug Build With Trace Output. Completely replaces the "a4ainfo.exe" debug utility and its usage procedure. -more-. Troubleshooting SST issues. "SST" stands for "Intel (R) Smart Sound Technology" and is integrated into many current on-board audio solutions. Unfortunately, it does not operate as seamlessly as Intel claim. -more-.

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1. Brad Yost Member Posts: 350 Pro. December 2022. ASIO4ALL is just a wrapper for the WDM driver in Windows to fake people into thinking that they are getting an operable driver. WDM is a single stream driver, and is the lowest grade and slowest driver on the platform. You might try WASAPI (shared) to achieve your goal.

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When I enable the ASIO driver, only FL Studio sound is played through my headphones. No other program can play sound. I have tried the 'autoclose device' option and this does not solve anything.. Stupidly, I can set the laptop's speakers as the ASIO output while other applications are playing sound through the headphones. In this case, for.

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7 Methods to Fix ASIO4ALL No Sound Issues. Method 1: Verify Physical Connections. Method 2: Change the Audio Playback Device. Method 3: Close All Other Programs. Method 4: Update ASIO Drivers. Method 5: Reinstall the Latest ASIO Driver in Compatibility Mode. Method 6: Configure ASIO4ALL Settings.

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Open Audio Settings in FL Studio. 2. Select ASIO4ALL as your Audio Device. 3. Select the 'Show ASIO Panel' button. 4. In the ASIO4ALL Control Panel select the 'Wrench' icon to open the Advanced Options. 5. From the Advanced Options you'll see your devices listed, make sure that your output devices are enabled.

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No sound - If other applications are not audible or taking over the audio device see 'Auto close device' on the Audio Settings. Otherwise, if you get no sound at all check the following: Master Mixer - Make sure the Audio Output control on the Master Mixer track has an Audio Output selected. If nothing is available, see below.

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This is true for most native ASIO drivers (as well as ASIO4ALL): Only very few ASIO drivers support true multiple application access.This effectively means that you can not use 2 or more applications using the same ASIO device at the same time. In other words, you'll need Steinberg's or Vidance's ASIO multi-client driver to route more than one program to the same audio interface.

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If there's no sound using Asio4all this can have the following reasons:. panel's expert settings is marked red saying it could be in use by another device then check if really all other applications that use audio are closed including web browser. If you have windows 8 this also could be a metro app still running in the background like e.g.

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This workaround requires two sound cards,though doesn't have to be PCI-E card, it can actually be a simple USB to 3.5mm jack adapter. So that ASIO4ALL occupies one sound card, for other applications we can direct the sound to the second sound card (USB or PEI-E etc.) 1 Make sure we have two sound card as mentioned. 2 Open the Sound Control Panel